Weekend getaway Normandy – France

On the coast of France, close to Belgium you will find Normandy. Known for its shores and many war sites. Prisca decided to take a last-minute trip up to France to explore Normandy herself and she was surprised by the beauty of the beaches, the great food and the cute French villages where there was much to explore! See for yourself in this photo series of Normandy.

We made a trip that was never in my top wishlist. But when we arrived in Normandy, France for a last-minute weekend trip I must say: I will be back!  It is great fun to explore the beautiful shores, the food and the cute French towns that are just a short ride away from our home in The Netherlands!

The coast

The tide is around 7 meters and when it is low tide you can discover a whole world of small fishes, crabs and shells between the rocks and sand. I can spend hours strolling around looking for the most beautiful treasures.

The food

Alright, this might be a cliché but the food in France..! You can find fruits de mer everywhere. If you are ever in Normandy and you like seafood, have some oysters, I can honestly say that these oysters here are the best I ever had! For lunch and breakfast, we bought croissants and pain du chocolate at a local bakery. YUM!

The Towns

In the summer time, the French people love to organise second-hand markets. In France they call them bric a brac. Although it was not summer yet, we were lucky enough to find one in Dieppe, 5 minutes drive from our lodge.

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