Surfing Mui Ne

Mui Ne is a town on Vietnam’s South-East Coast with lots of beachfront resorts, hotels and cabins. Mui Ne is one of the only places in Vietnam, which I recalled, that even has small cabins on the beach. So when you are looking for a break from ‘hostel life’, go find a cabin in Mui Ne. Booking ahead is not a bad idea, when you have your mind set on a cabin with the beach as your front yard or sea in some cases due too coastal erosion…

Mui Ne is definitely fun for everyone. It has enough wind for kite- or wind surfers and the weather is just simply amazing almost any time of year. Around noon the sky will be filled with at least 50 kites. When you are not a pro, like me, you can get lessons with just a kite on the beach to start with. And if you do not have your own gear with you but are a pro, you can easily rent the equipment you need from one of the many surf schools. Even body boards are part of their inventory. Besides surfing, the sea, the beach and a 4×4 tour, there is not a lot to do in Mui Ne’s surroundings. But spending your days sleeping in the sun, eating good food and reading a copy of a bestseller (they copy all best sellers and sell them under 3 Euros) can be enough after non-stop traveling. So a bit recharging can be all you need! If you are looking for a bit more adventure there is a 4×4 tour that visits a small waterfall, a floating village, white sand dunes where you can show of your sand boarding skills, red sand dunes and a red canyon to see the sunset, if you are lucky. Due to a too tight schedule and a flat tire, I had to run through the red canyon to make it to the red dunes for sunset. Although I missed it, it was still beautiful! You can also just do the small hike to the waterfall by yourself. There will most probably be kids around that guide you in the right direction. Whatever you end up doing, surfing, chasing waterfalls, sand boarding, enjoying the sunset or sun tanning, you’ll have a great time in Mui Ne. In comparison to other Asian beaches, Mui Ne is not on top of the list, but it is definitely on the top of Vietnam’s beach list!

Since my visit was during Christmas time and ten percent of the Vietnamese population is Christian, I was surrounded by fake Christmas trees with fake snow (toilet paper) and ‘Jingle Bells’ in the 30 degrees heat. After the 6-Euro-3-course-Lobster-Christmas-dinner there was another Christmas barbeque to get to, so we got on the back of a motorbike, three people on one motorbike fits perfectly and we went to the other side of town for more food, drinks and sing along songs. On the way back I sadly encountered a Vietnamese man who hadn’t lived by the rule ‘do not drink and drive’ as I saw him face down, blood everywhere, on the pavement.

Always wear a helmet!


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