Our storytellers encourage others to go off the beaten track, to travel to places they have never even heard of and to look at the world from a different point of view. Anyone can travel, but we all experience and interpret things and places differently, and this is what makes Story of my World so interesting! Do you have a story to tell? An adventure you are about to embark on?

Note: Because we are an international travel magazine, we require a high level of English proficiency from our writers. Moreover, until January 2018  we are ONLY looking for submissions on one of the following subjects:

The Netherlands
Worldwide City Trips – define city trips
However, if you have an interesting, moving or inspiring piece to share on any other topic, please do submit and we will enter you into our pool of potentials which we will review come January.

What is the Story of YOUR World?

At Story of my World we are looking for stories that are yours, true, and above all: stories that entice, engage the reader and take others on an adventure with you.  Genuine, unbiased and personalised content we can relate to.

  1. In no more than 500 words, please tell me about your most memorable travel experience.
  2. What made this trip so special? Was it the people, the scenery, the food or the friends?
  3. What was was the most memorable thing about your trip? Think about how you can describe the scene to help the reader better visualise what you were experiencing.
  4. Try to write a little introduction that entices me into reading the rest of your post. Choose one particular topic you want to cover and elaborate on that. Finally, finish up the article by summing up a few personal highlights and elaborate on why these things impressed or moved you.
  5. It may help you to write down some bullet points for the story you are about to write and refer to these as you progress. This will help you have a clear goal in mind and will make for a more coherent article.

Some general tips:

  • Keep your blogs sweet and simple
  • Try to avoid dear diary writing
  • Find a good, high-quality photo banner for all your posts
  • Try to avoid omitting words
  • Try to avoid cursing/rude writing
  • Use your punctuation in the right way
  • Write words and sentences out in full
  • Don’t use smileys and emoji’s
  • Proofread your own article before sending it off
  • Check your spelling – Download Grammarly if you need a little help here.
  • Last but not least: find a good, high-quality photo banner to add to your post (2560 × 1100 and under 100K)
Not a great writer but a fantastic photographer or videographer? Do you have any photos or videos you think are great and worth sharing?

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We love to hear about adventures that inspire others to pack their bags and hit the road!
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