South East Asia

Diverse, vibrant, mesmerising and inexpensive

Where you’ll find luscious nature, enthralling cities, immaculate beaches and thriving cultures. Here you will truly let your heart soar as you explore ancient temples, fall in love with the vibrant cuisines, and slow down to discover a different pace of life.

South East Asia is the perfect destination for first-time backpackers as they ease their way into travel life, avid divers wanting to discover the exotic reefs, foodies letting their inner fatties soar, digital nomads working away, as well as women travelling alone.


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Spiritual Surfing ~ Bali

The white waves of the ocean used to take Hannahs breath away. “They sucked power out of every vein. I never imagined that surfing your waves could set me free. Bali, that beautiful island where my wanderlust started, where I found deep peace in your wild waters. Immersed in your white and cloudy storm, I was finally able to let go. How did you overcome your fears? That powerless feeling, triggering all your instincts?” Read about her surf adventure in Bali!

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In a bikini, In an Islamic country during Ramadan

Have you ever doubted to travel to an Islamic country, let alone during Ramadan? That’s what Aygin wonders after she travelled to the beautiful island of Langkawi in Malaysia. What did she notice? What did she love? And what surprised her? Find out more about travelling an Islamic country during Ramadan and tell us what you think!

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How to Avoid Bali Belly Like a Pro

And this my friends is why you might want to be aware of the possibility of Bali belly. We’ve all had it at one time or another; my first experience with it was in my very first week as a volunteer in Bali. I’d traveled and I’d been sick before, but I’d never be hit so hard, so quickly as …

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Mount Batur – Seeing the sunrise at the Top of the World

Our trip began at 2am, which I must tell you was not pleasant by any stretch of the imagination, getting up at that hour took some serious effort. We met our friends at Ubud Yoga Centre to get on the arranged bus ride to the Volcano. The bus was another annoyance as it was not comfortable at all with no …

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Culture Shock: From The Netherlands To Vietnam

From cycling through the flat landscapes, enjoying my trustworthy cheese platters and living a well-organized life in The Netherlands, to the complete opposite: Vietnam. Experience my six greatest shocks in this overwhelming country, but please remember, this country, its nature, food and people have stolen my heart. See this as a preparation for your visit, not as reasons why not …

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Dive Certifications and Whale Shark Spottings – Thailand

Chad spent a month traveling Thailand from Central to Northern to Southern and back. He spent that time exploring, learning the culture and taking photos. From bathing elephants to swimming with whale sharks even getting bit by a monkey, Chad has had some close encounters with the wildlife in Thailand. He shares his experience with becoming a diver and the sea life he encountered…

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