Eastern Europe

Gothic, bustling and picturesque

Where cultures meet in a fascinating fusion of the medieval and the modern. Dark days gone past have made way for a new era for Eastern Europe. Walk the cobbled streets in Prague, one of the world’s most romantic cities, be amazed by the stunning Lake Bled and the charming car-free old town of Dubrovnik. Discover effortlessly elegant city walks, century old architecture and gothic scenery. Visit one of the many impossibly beautiful national parks and be dazzled by the raw beauty of the Tatra Mountains. Eastern Europe will astonish you with its brilliant diversity and will surely leave you wanting more.


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Kazbegi on a Budget.

I am climbing the Kazbegi with M. He was born in a year that punk was declared dead, but that didn’t stop him. On the grey stripes of his red backpack it says ‘total fucking anarchy’, ‘no war but the class war’, ‘wake up’ and ‘peace and love’. M left England with a debt of 200 pounds, so we’re traveling on …

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Cappadocia, the place where I didn’t make pictures of the hot air balloons, but a lot of other people did…

The Australian woman in the bus to Cappadocia was a former employer at the administration department of a university. She had thrown her whole life upside down when she got fired at the age of 58. ‘I’m gonna travel the world and nobody can stop me.’ she told me with devastating enthusiasm ‘After that who knows where?…’ I knew the answer, …

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Istanbul geeft kleur aan zijn stad

Ken je dat gevoel? Dat je niet weet waarom je ergens naartoe wilt maar wel dat je het gevoel hebt er naartoe te moeten? Dat had ik met Istanbul. Zonder enige voorkennis ben ik met mijn vriend het vliegtuig ingestapt voor 5 dagen Istanbul. Oké het gebrek aan voorkennis is misschien een tikkeltje noodgedwongen door het tijdgebrek hier in Nederland. …

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