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Marko is a film maker and photojournalist from the UK. He combines his love for travel with his love for video. He often works with charities and organisations to tell culturally important stories through the eyes of local people. On Story of my World, he shares a part of the world he documents.
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The horses Of Gili – a video about the vehicles of Gili Trawangang

This video of Marko doesn’t show you the fun, parties and relaxed holidays the tourists are having on the small Indonesian island of Gili Trawangan. It shows you the other side of the story of an island where motor vehicles are banned. It’s up to the many workhorses to keep the infrastructure running – ferrying around hundreds of tourists a day, collecting the rubbish and supplying the many bars and restaurants. This film takes a look at the conditions these horses are forced to live in and shows the positive steps been made by those on the island who seek a brighter future for the horses of Gili..

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