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Manuel studied 6 years at an university in Belgium to get 2 master degrees which he never really liked. After working 1,5 years in a big consultancy firm, he was in big need of an unforgettable adventure. And so he left to Australia to have the time of his life. Back than he didn't take one single photo/video for eleven months. It was then that he suddenly discovered something of which he became very passionate about... now he is traveling through Australia WITH a dslr, drone and all kind of camera equipment. Check out the awesome travel videos he created!
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Feel good video – The adventure of a life time in Western Australia

In 45 days, I’ve travelled over 7000 km, while capturing numerous national parks and stunning landscapes of Western Australia. An amazing adventure full of cliff jumping, incredible hikes and camping underneath a million stars on the most remote spots. Manuel can tell you all about this great trip he made from Exmouth to Darwin but he can also show you in one of his videos. We will give you a warning: your travel bug will itch if you watch this at home..

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