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Being raised bicultural has brought Aygin many advantages and it has awakened a desire in her to learn more about the world, discover the unknown and to help people understand the world we live in. Since Aygin had a full-time job this didn't go as fast as she wanted. And so she quit her job, gave up her apartment and sold all her belongings to be able to travel the world freely together with her boyfriend. Aygin is ready to explore new cultures and will share her experiences here. Maybe she can help you understand our world!?
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In a bikini, In an Islamic country during Ramadan

Have you ever doubted to travel to an Islamic country, let alone during Ramadan? That’s what Aygin wonders after she travelled to the beautiful island of Langkawi in Malaysia. What did she notice? What did she love? And what surprised her? Find out more about travelling an Islamic country during Ramadan and tell us what you think!

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Culture Shock: From The Netherlands To Vietnam

From cycling through the flat landscapes, enjoying my trustworthy cheese platters and living a well-organized life in The Netherlands, to the complete opposite: Vietnam. Experience my six greatest shocks in this overwhelming country, but please remember, this country, its nature, food and people have stolen my heart. See this as a preparation for your visit, not as reasons why not …

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