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Her first big adventure was travelling alone through South America for 6 months. She fell in love with a kind of freedom only travelling can give. Now Alex is working and travelling across the globe as a so-called Digital Nomad. She truly believes in getting to know a country and culture by working and living there for a while. Follow her on her adventures and find out what she discovers!
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A weekend in Vienna – This are the newest hotspots in the city!

If you think of Vienna you probably think of Princess Sissy, the most imposing buildings and Wiener Schnitzel. I couldn’t disagree with you that all these things are part of Vienna but this city has a whole different side to it. I was very surprised by a vibe that almost felt like Berlin; graffiti on the quayside of the Donau …

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The ultimate bali vacation with friends boyfriends kids guide

I know I sound like a grandma saying this but when you grow older, things like a full-time job and a family can be very time-consuming and that makes finding time to spend with your friend hard. Especially when you’re travelling the world as a digital nomad and your two best friends both live in different countries. Our last date …

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Lovina, so much more than dolphin cruises

Lovina is well-knowns for the cheap and pretty awesome dolphin cruises. Alex is probably one of the few people that went to Lovina without seeing any dolphin. She went exploring along the coast, in the mountains and in the surrounding villages. This is what she found..

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Road tripping 2.0 – Cruising in the new Cascada

When we arrived in Australia, almost one year ago, we needed a car. We hesitated between the only two options we thought were right: a cute and spacious van or a 4WD that would take us through the remote areas that made us so curious. It was not until Holden gave us the new Holden Cascada Convertible to try out …

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Friday night fun in Surry Hills – Sydney

Exactly nine months we started our big adventure in not only Sydney but also in the suburb Surry Hills. We were thrilled to be back and couldn’t wait to find out where the locals would take us. We started the night at Tio’s – A chilled Mexican place that does great finger food. We had the chicken, chorizo and cauliflower tortillas, and …

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Visiting Torquay – a full day of surfing

As you may know, Torquay is known for it surfing culture. Because of this, we couldn’t possibly have spent spend the weekend here without having tried to catch some waves ourselves. But before we hopped on our boards, we decided that we wanted to know a little bit more about the sport and why Torquay loves it so much. This …

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