Story of my World is an online travel magazine. It’s written not by journalists, writers or travel companies, but by travellers who share how they experience the world. Honest, real and often hilarious stories about their world full of adventure, exploring new cultures, meeting people, and discovering new exciting destinations. Not just tips and must do’s, but real-life travel experiences to inspire others to pack their bags and explore everything the world has to offer.

Founded by Alex who came home after travelling through South America for six months and wanted to share the lasting impression that the countries, nature, people, culture and food made on her. She was hoping it would give people at home a chance to see those places through her eyes. Her blog and traffic increasingly grew which got her to thinking…

Of course, there are plenty of blogs out there, but we found it hard to find genuine, unbiased and personalised content that we could relate to. Not the standard top-10’s but honest experiences from all different type of travellers, from different parts of the world. This is where Story of my World was born…


Everyone can travel, but we all experience and interpret things and places differently. It is this that makes Story of my World so interesting. Stories that inspire others to go off the beaten track, to travel to places people have never even heard of and to look at the planet from a different point of view.

We created a platform where travellers from all over the globe come to share their worlds.


We collect and share inspiring, real and touching travel related stories from travellers and locals from all over the world.


In the past year, we connected with travellers who travel with a mission and go about things differently. Wanderers who are inspired by people they meet along the way, and share what they learn about other cultures, rituals and the world. It is safe to say it has been a good year for Story of my World!

We are working on increasing our network, reach and partnerships. We are also expanding across the globe, connecting travellers with locals and interesting partners. Our latest venture has taken us to Bali!

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