The Hungrier Guide to George Town, Penang

George Town is a famous and ever so lovely UNESCO World Heritage site on the island of Penang, Malaysia. For Rhea, George Town was above all, a foodie paradise. Whenever Rhea shares her favourites, the rest of the team take note! Planning a trip to George Town? Make sure to have a look at this ultimate foodie guide to George Town!

After having spent 9 days eating our way through George Town, we definitely had our favourite spots where we returned again and again. There is something about slowing down and really getting to know a place, especially when travelling for a long time (which can get a little tiresome if you can believe it!) You settle into your ‘routine’ and create somewhat of a home away from home. We walked the same streets countless times, got familiar with the locals and discovered some wonderful places to eat.


Head over to Hwa Lam Kafe on Lebuh Carnarvon for Baozi (or Pao in Malay). These fluffy steamed bread balls are filled with anything from custard, Kaya (a paste made of coconut and lots and lots of sugar), red pork, chicken, beef to my absolute favourite, BBQ pork. At 1.60 MYR each, you really can’t go wrong! If they sell out (which isn’t a rare occurrence – get there early or after 3 pm), walk around the corner to Leong Kee Tim Sum Restaurant on Lebuh Kimberley where you will find, slightly less nice, but still delicious, steam buns being sold all day. These Chinese steam buns have been a part of our daily diet and will continue to be so throughout our travels (and beyond as I actually love to make these myself!)

Afternoon snack

For a little afternoon snack (or after dinner treat), we ventured to what I believe is called Guangzhou Cake House but this is somewhat of a guess as the shop doesn’t actually carry a name sign.

A lovely elderly Chinese couple bakes on a daily basis lots of little cakes, tarts, amazing steamed sweet peanut ‘mochi’ and delicious fried sesame peanut balls. Here we supported the local economy daily by purchasing most of the sweet, steamed peanut mochi available! Get some for yourself at 1 MYR each from the nameless shop next to Mission Hi Tech shop on Lebuh Carnarvon. Make sure you get there on time as most of the snacks sell out early afternoon!

For some delicious street food, head to the New Lane Market. Here you can get amazing Poh Piah (at 3 MYR for 2) and great Beijing Dumplings (at 5 MYR for 6 pieces) sold by one of the many hawker stalls.


When all fails, get yourself to Sri Ananda for the best Rogan Josh I’ve had so far (bring it on India!). Some of our other favourites include a great chicken (or veg) Kandai, a crispy cashew Rava Tosai, the banana leaf (a collection of curries) and the fragrant and flavourful Chicken Masala Chapati!


Finally, for a more substantial meal, we either ate delicious and fragrant Curry Mee at Tua Pui Curry Mee Restaurant on Lebuh Kimberley or the delightful Wan Tan Mee on Lebuh Chulia. Here you have two great stalls to choose from; a lovely Chinese couple catering to the locals and, a couple of stalls to the right (in front of the furniture shop), two guys serving a never-ending line of hungry tourists and locals, smashing out dish after dish without ever slowing down!

Let your taste buds be your guide and eat your way around George Town!

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