Leezair connects people with experiences around them, so that everyday can be extraordinary.

From the very first time we chatted to the Leezair team, we clicked and discovered that we share a vision. Both Story of my World and Leezair believe that the travel industry has so much opportunity to change and to evolve from the tired old model it follows today.

We both believe that travellers should experience things first-hand and that they shouldn’t shy away from adventure. Although we both hope to inspire others with our products and services, Story of my World strives to inspire with stories, Leezair aims to do so with personalised experiences.

Leezair allows travellers (or locals) to earn cash by sharing their travel knowledge and showing people around. This creates flexible jobs in the travel industry and encourages travellers to go off the beaten path.

We are proud to have partnered up with this team of young entrepreneurs with a passion for travel and are confident that there are exciting things ahead!

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