More than any other car brand Holden is ready to take you on a journey

Two of our storytellers lost their GoPro, and with that all their travel photos and videos, in the Australian sea whilst playing in the waves. Nobody would have thought that three months later, the GoPro would wash up, six kilometres down the road. It was then found by a local who’s search for the owners went viral.

Instead of simply sending the camera by mail, the couple decided to make the journey down to collect their GoPro and to document their adventures along the way. They reached out to Holden and asked them if they were willing to help actually get there by providing them with a car…

A few days later Alex and Thijs left for Sydney in a brand new Cascada convertible ever so generously provided by Holden.

Along the way, they stopped to explore the sand dunes of Newcastle by quad, went skydiving and kayaking under the harbour bridge. – Watch the epic journey below!

What started out as a rather sad event, the loss of their travel footage, turned into a cross-country Australian road trip of a life time that was made possible by Holden.