Exploring the beauty of Tanzania

If your heart beats faster when seeing wildlife and being surrounded by stunning nature, you definitely need to add Tanzania to your bucket list. Check out this stunning photo series of Lotte from her Safari trip through Tarangire National Park

One and a half years ago one of my best friend moved with her boyfriend to Tanzania. I couldn’t think of a better excuse to hop on a plane and visit this country. If your heart beats faster when seeing wildlife and being surrounded by stunning nature, you definitely need to add Tanzania to your bucket list!

A perfect trip for me would be one that has a mix of exciting adventure and chilled out moments. Going on a safari and sleeping somewhere in the jungle is something that fits in that picture. Other than that, it is a great way to experience Tanzania. We spend the night in the Simbalodge, a so-called tented camp; it was glamping in a huge National Park. Part of the fun was listening to all the noises you hear during the night. The ranger told us that the sounds that kept us awake were a group of laughing hyenas. Needless to say, I was relieved when he walked with us to and from our lodge to reception.

One of the biggest advantages of glamping after your first day of safari is that the next day you can leave before sunrise. Especially on hot and dry days, most animals wake up early to start their own safari towards the water pools. If you are very lucky you will even see lions going after their first prey for the day (hehe that rhymes). We had an organised safari, which basically means that we had a private driver who was in constant contact with other drivers. When one of them spotted a group of animals, all the private drivers would know and would make their way towards the route. Tarangire National Park is known for its big groups of elephants and these were spotted many times! I think we saw more than hundred elephants and lucky us, this time of year many babies are born!

Going on safari is great fun but believe me, after twelves hours straight in a shaky jeep you will feel exhausted. Our stay in Karama Lodge for the weekend was the perfect choice! What I liked best is that these lodges are not that well-known among tourists and so if felt like we had a piece of Tanzania for ourselves.

  1. Kristel van Steenhoven says:

    Hi Lott,
    Heel leuk stuk over Tanzania. Wij gaan hier zelf ook naar toe en ben erg benieuwd of je wellicht meer tips hebt. Wij willen vanuit Dar es Salam zsm vertrekken naar wild parken, op een manier Kilimanjaro meenemen (niet helemaal naar boven maar wel in dat park/omgeving) en dan wat wildparken mee pakken. Serengeti is natuurlijk de meest bekende, maar er zijn ook andere kleinere.
    Welke ben jij geweest? Heb je aanraders?

    Ben heel erg benieuwd en alvast super bedankt!

    Ps: wat een prachtige foto’s!

    • Hee Kristel,

      Oooh wat heerlijk dat je naar Tanzania gaat! Ik ben er niet super lang geweest en was er vooral ook om een vriendin op te zoeken, maar het park Tarangire was wel echt een aanrader! ZOVEEL olifanten daar, echt prachtig <3 wij hadden het geluk dat we er waren in de tijd dat er veel mini olifantjes rondliepen. Is een kleiner park dan Serengeti maar nog steeds zoveel moois te zien!

      Heel veel plezier in ieder geval!

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