Holy cow, I've quit my job and left Dubai!

I’ve done it. I quit my job as a stewardess to go and travel the world. Sounds a bit strange? Yeah, I am aware of that. People think so incredibly glamorous off stewardesses and they think it is the easiest job in the world. “You live in sunny Dubai, you travel all the time for work and you can use free tickets to travel even more in your free time!” is what I heard pretty much all the time for the past four years. Let me tell you, it’s freaking NOT.

Don’t get me wrong, the job is pretty easy. I hardly used my brain, I wasn’t stressed very often and I didn’t take my work home with me. But…. It suffocated me in the end. I was tired. Very very very tired.

Before I’m gonna start ranting about my life as a stewardess, let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Evelien, I’m 27 summers young and I’m from this beautiful flat and green place called the Netherlands. And yes. We do all wear wooden shoes, eat cheese and smoke weed. All the time. I lived in Dubai for the past four years, flying as a stewardess for Emirates. As mentioned before, I’ve just quit the job and I decided to travel the world for a few months. My plan? I bought a one-way ticket to Rio de Janeiro, and that’s about how far I’ve gotten with my plan. Before my journey is going to start I will stay in the Netherlands in August, simply because it’s festival season!

Back to my story about Emirates, suffocation, being tired, and all that. I’ve thought about starting a travel blog very often; do something cool with Instagram; share all the great pictures I’ve taken; or D. all of the above. I always came up with excuses. The most important excuse that stopped me from doing any of this, was Emirates itself. Being recently voted the best airline in the world, having employed nearly 20.000 stewards and stewardesses (we like to call ourselves Cabin Crew), you need to maintain a certain image. Officially we (yes, us Cabin Crew again) are not allowed to post anything on social media related to Emirates. No blogs, vlogs, pictures in uniform, pictures of the aircraft, etcetera etcetera. So I didn’t.

Because his highness Sheikh something-something-something-Maktoum isn’t my boss anymore, I am ready to share everything! And I think all my weird and random stories about Emirates and Dubai, my summer in Europe chasing festivals and my upcoming trip to God-knows-where, could be pretty entertaining. If you are interested. If not, go follow some Kardashian on Instagram telling you how to wear a certain shade of lipgloss, I’m sure that’ll be more entertaining.

So… To start off a little story about Dubai and the life of a Cabin Crew. Dubai is a very strange city, a city of contrast. Some days I loved living in Dubai, other days I absolutely dreaded it. I would recommend everyone to visit Dubai at least once, but don’t expect to just wander around and explore Dubai in a day. Especially not somewhere around June, July or August. It’s probably more comfortable going into a sauna and forget to take off your big furry coat, than to walk from A to B in Dubai in summer. On the other hand, you never heard me complain when my friends at home were going to their office jobs somewhere in December and never saw any daylight, while I was still working on my tan at the swimming pool. There’s loads of amazing restaurants in Dubai, a new bar opens its doors nearly every week, the ocean is never really cold, the architecture is pretty mind-blowing, and without a doubt it’s the safest city I have ever lived in.

When you work for Emirates, other people in Dubai think pretty well off you. There are so many people living in Dubai who are searching for a better life, mainly Bangladeshis, Indians, Pakistanis and Filipinos. They are terribly underpaid and would kill for a job within Emirates. Coming from the Netherlands, where life is pretty damn great, I never took the job very serious. Somehow I traveled to four continents in one week once and I heard myself complain. I was tired. Started in New York, had lunch with my mom in Amsterdam, back to Dubai and onwards on a six-day trip to Sydney and Auckland. I was so tired and jet lagged by the time I was in Auckland, but somehow a colleague and I managed to force ourselves to go for at least one drink in town. Ended up in the middle of a bachelor party and we were included in one of their dares. We were handed a waxing strip and asked to stick it anywhere on the bachelor. “Oh, and now rip it off!” Probably one of the most random questions I have ever been asked, but I’m not a party pooper! I was happy to do it.

That’s it for now. More to come, I promise!

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