A Lisbon guide – The best thing about memories is making them

Before Elke went to Lisbon she already visited Porto once before. She LOVED it. And so she wanted to return to Portugal for the vibe, food and beauty. Could Lisbon live up to her expectations? Check out this photo series and small guide of the city Elke made!

I visited Porto earlier with some friends and we had a blast! Last year I went to Lisbon with my boyfriend. It could go either way, or I would be terribly disappointed because of my earlier experiences, or it could be the absolute superlative from Porto.

The beauty of Lisbon

I’m happy to say, that the capital amazed us in every small detail. I truly enjoyed the authentic and fancy atmosphere, colourful streets, beautiful castles and other old buildings. And not to forget the delicious food, fantastic wines and tasteful beers.

Lisbon is a very old city. As a part-time teacher, I knew the explorers who discovered different parts of the world out of the harbour of Lisbon. There are many places in the city that will remark the rich history and even refresh your memory (that is if you paid attention in the history lessons).

I was very charmed by the beautifully decorated sidewalks, made of small pebbles that form impressive and well-rounded patterns. Combined with the marble elements and the multicoloured tiled façades, this is what makes this city so special in my opinion!

Besides all the thing I already wrote, there are many ‘living room-restaurants’. Those cosy little and welcoming places with a fireplace, carpets and sometimes even some sofas. Loved it big time!

My 6 top favourite places of Lisbon:

The Belém district with my highlight: LX factory (an old factory with music, cute shops and great people)

Praça do Comércio with the highly recommended Lisboa Story Center (A very nice way to explore the Lisbon history (again;)

Sintra (the fairy tale of Portugal), beware: If you don’t like masses of people (like us) and you have the chance then leave early on a weekday!

The Alfama district (nice for strolling through the streets and don’t forget to use the ‘living room’ restaurants for breakfast or some snacks later on the day)

– The districts of Bairro Alto and Chiado (squares, galleries, bookstores and artistic cafés)

Cemitério dos Prazere (The Cemetery of Pleasure), This cemetery with own streets and numbers for every tomb is so impressive! From the highest point of the cemetery, you have a stunning view on the bridge across the Tagus.

Of course, I made a lot of pictures in and around the city, so I don’t forget this more than well-worth trip. Below an atmosphere impression:

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