Landjuweel; a little festival gem.

Thirty years old but still unique compared to those hundreds of festivals popping up. Landjuweel is more than just a festival; it’s an experience. A cultural art fair with musical highlights but also theatre, poetry, spirit workshops and lots of unexpected surprises. You can expect fireshows, sponteous jams, secret stages, energy healings, yoga and many other forms of creativity. From Wednesday the 29th of July until Sunday the 2nd of August hippie festival lovers can eat their heart out at this festival at ‘Ruigoord’: a little village that was squatted by a group of artists in the 70s and has since become an artistic community.

It started as a small get together for a group of artist friends and grew from there. Today hundreds of people pay to experience a few days in fairytale land. Of course things have changed in the past years but I had been told that it’s still a place where like-minded people can share their free spirits. I couldn’t wait to go and be a part of this experience myself.

From mums with kids to 80 year old hippies. Everyone is welcome and shares love and happiness. No matter where you’re from, how you look or how old you are. ‘We’ are all one at Landjuweel.

The music varies from African drum to salsa and from classical music to deephouse techno. Relaxing somewhere in the grass or working on your dance moves on stage, just whatever feels good.

The festival is a ‘Walhalla’ for healthy foodlovers. Even the Roti is made of quino and the typical Dutch ‘poffertjes’ are made from bio flower.

The sharing economy is booming and at Landjuweel everyone seems to apply this trend. People are sharing hugs, massages, energy, knowledge and who knows what else. It feels good to all be one. No judgments, no expectations. Just like how we should treat each other in every day life. Not just here. And not just for a few days.

Leaving Landjuweel after a few days feels like leaving the perfect community. Still floating I arrive back in the city where rules, time and space are defined again. I just smile and think back of the amazing experience I have just experienced.

And if you can’t get enough here’s a few more, comparable, festivals to go to:

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22nd – 25th of January
Lexton, Victoria, Australia

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Africa Burn
25th of April – 1st of May
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