Friday night fun in Surry Hills – Sydney

For 24-hours only, Thijs and Alex will be in Sydney. And so they wanted to make sure this Friday night in the city would be the most they could make out of it. They met up with friends that have been living here all their lives and they took them to their favourite places in one of the popular suburbs of Sydney, Surry Hills..

Exactly nine months we started our big adventure in not only Sydney but also in the suburb Surry Hills. We were thrilled to be back and couldn’t wait to find out where the locals would take us.

We started the night at Tio’s – A chilled Mexican place that does great finger food. We had the chicken, chorizo and cauliflower tortillas, and although unexpected, the cauliflower was by far my favourite.

My friend said that they do a mean margarita and all these tequila shot specials. I need to go back to get me some of those because instead, I tried their ginger cider. It was so good that I just couldn’t not order another one of those for the second round. This bar has good food, good vibes and, for the girls, really good looking staff too!

The Soda Factory Next up was a bar was a short walk away from Tio’s. If you don’t know about it, it would be quite hard to find, since the name is nowhere to be found and they designed the outside to look like a hotdog joint from the 60’s Make sure you bring your ID if you want to get into this hotdog place as no exceptions are made. You’re going to want to make sure you get in, as the inside is a lot of fun!

And so the night continued with expresso martinis and live music.  The band sure knows how to party. They made sure that all their covers made your booty pop, and within no time the dance floor was full of happy flirty people dancing their way around each other.

We will be back!
Although there were many more places on our pub-crawl agenda, we couldn’t seem to tear ourselves away from the Soda Factory. My friend tried to get us to the next place a few times: “there are so many more places you need to see!” and “let’s get a drink in the next bar.” But every time we made an attempt to leave, the band started a new song that we needed to dance to. And so we danced the night away in the Soda Factory.

It was a great night in Surry Hills and we left a lot to discover the next time. I can’t wait to get back for some more good food, great drinks, mare bar hopping and more booty shaking. The one thing that I will do differently though, is make very sure that I don’t have to get up at 04am the next day to go on a sunrise kayak trip…


After a fun Friday night in Surry Hills we had a hard time waking up at 04am. When we arrived at Lavender Bay we felt much better. The sun was slowly coming up and the view over the harbour of Sydney was amazing. Even with a hangover we were very excited: we are going on a sunrise kayak paddle to have breakfast on the water!



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