Bali is an island with so many options and different vibes. Get up before the crack of dawn and wander through the gorgeous Tegalalang rice terraces before tourists arrive en mass, or greet the morning sun with a relaxing yoga session in Ubud. You can ride the waves and chill out at one of the many trendy cafes from Kuta and Seminyak all the way to hipster haven, Canggu. Jimbaran is the spot for the freshest seafood with gorgeous sunset views and Nusa Dua and the Bukit offer stunning white sand beaches. Cruise around and explore this spectacular island on a motorbike, and if you’re lucky, you’ll witness the pinnacle of Bali’s devotion to their faith; a colourful procession en route to a ceremony. Bali is an island that has successfully integrated its ancient rituals into the hustle-bustle of modern day life and it is fascinating to be a part of it.


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How to Avoid Bali Belly Like a Pro

And this my friends is why you might want to be aware of the possibility of Bali belly. We’ve all had it at one time or another; my first experience with it was in my very first week as a volunteer in Bali. I’d traveled and I’d been sick before, but I’d never be hit so hard, so quickly as …

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Mount Batur – Seeing the sunrise at the Top of the World

Our trip began at 2am, which I must tell you was not pleasant by any stretch of the imagination, getting up at that hour took some serious effort. We met our friends at Ubud Yoga Centre to get on the arranged bus ride to the Volcano. The bus was another annoyance as it was not comfortable at all with no …

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A glimpse into Bali after dark

If, like most of the Western world, you imagined Bali to be all pushbikes, healers, special tonics, meditation, and Brazilian-themed beach parties, you can’t be blamed! Eat Pray Love is the culprit my friend, we all wanted to be Julia Roberts taking a dip in the calm waters of Padang Padang with a sexy older gent didn’t we? The real …

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Learning to Love Ubud Again – a guide through the health scene of Ubud by a local

Hannah has been living in and around Ubud for already ten years. Where it first was a bustling small town it grew out to a spiritual destination. Ubud is well-known for its healthy food scene and arguably the hottest yoga scene in whole Asia. For Hannah this was not something she immediately loved but over the years she started to fall again for the charms of Ubud. Let this story from a local, an expat and a yoga lover guide you through the health scene of vibrant Ubud..

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The ultimate bali vacation with friends boyfriends kids guide

I know I sound like a grandma saying this but when you grow older, things like a full-time job and a family can be very time-consuming and that makes finding time to spend with your friend hard. Especially when you’re travelling the world as a digital nomad and your two best friends both live in different countries. Our last date …

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Lovina, so much more than dolphin cruises

Lovina is well-knowns for the cheap and pretty awesome dolphin cruises. Alex is probably one of the few people that went to Lovina without seeing any dolphin. She went exploring along the coast, in the mountains and in the surrounding villages. This is what she found..

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How tourism is about to destroy Benoa Bay, Bali

In 2011 Benoa Bay, which is just minutes from Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport was declared a conservation area. This area of mangroves, small fishing villages and sandy islets is one of the last remaining areas of undeveloped space in this tourist-packed area of Bali. However, just a couple of months before the end of his second term as President of …

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