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Wangfujing- Creepy crawlies galore!

When ordering Chinese from your local take out, you won’t think to ask about any of the unappetizing Chinese delicacies being sold at the famous Wangfujing night market. However, this place does offer a look into the Chinese food culture of days gone past and even though these days its main audience is tourists, this market really cements the saying …

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Studying in China – The Hutong School Beijing

After studying Mandarin at SOAS University in London Rhea decided to further develop her language skills in Beijing on the Hutong School. If this is something you would like to do (or something similar) check out this post and learn about the stuff you need to when you want to study in China..

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Lama temple, Beijng – A sanctuary in the city

In the midst of all the chaos lies this colourful temple, also known as Yonghegong, “Yonghe Temple” or “Palace of Peace and Harmony”. It was built in the 16th century and is the largest of its kind in Beijing. The Lama Temple originally served as the residence for court eunuchs after which it was then converted into the court of …

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Peking duck. A must!

You will see these golden, crisp ducks hanging in restaurant windows all over China, but they are most often found in Beijing. Their aromatic smell lingers in the streets and most restaurants will have this delicious dish on their menu. Peking duck holds a long history and has been prepared since the imperial era. Its long preparation and the manner …

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When in China- KTV KARAOKE (and something known as the TEA SCAM)

When visiting China there is no doubt you will find yourself singing KTV karaoke at one point or another. The Chinese absolutely LOVE this form of entertainment and more often than not they decide to ‘give it a go’ at fairly inappropriate times: unless you too feel the urge to sing the Spice Girls at 5 in the morning, on …

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Fenghuang – A mesmerisingly beautiful town

Fenghuang is Chinese for ‘Phoenix’ and the legend goes that two Phoenixes flew over the town and found it so mesmerisingly beautiful that they never left. The heart of the village is situated on the Tuo River where time-honoured houses are built on stilts in the emerald green river. Green mountains and an old city wall frame the picture with …

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