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“Hygge” in Denmark – A city guide of Copenhagen

Denmark is known for its ‘hygge’; which can be defined as ‘creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.’ The moment I set foot in the Danish capital I experienced this warm atmosphere for myself. No wonder the Danish are some of the happiest people in the world. During my trip in Copenhagen I …

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How to Avoid Bali Belly Like a Pro

And this my friends is why you might want to be aware of the possibility of Bali belly. We’ve all had it at one time or another; my first experience with it was in my very first week as a volunteer in Bali. I’d traveled and I’d been sick before, but I’d never be hit so hard, so quickly as …

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Foodie guide through Torquay – The Great Ocean Road

Alex was in Torquay and discovered it’s not only a great town for surf lovers but also for foodies! In this food guide, she will take you through her personal favs of this cute little place that’s just a short drive away from Melbourne. If you’re looking for a fun weekend away from the city, this is why Torquay deserves a spot your short list..

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The Hungrier Guide to Bali

Breakfast Bali is a great place to come relax, enjoy and to detox and reset. Bali offers an amazing variety of health-conscious restaurants where you can stuff your face, guilt-free! Organic produce, no artificial colourings, preservatives or MSG – a not-so-healthy Asian favourite, and all freshly made. Fussy Bird, Ubud offers all these things and offers not only healthy dishes …

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George Town Penang – A food lovers paradise

Penang is a small island in North-Western Malaysia, also known as The Pearl of the Orient and it’s no wonder why. The island is a cultural melting pot where Malay, Chinese and Indian culture, heritage and cuisine blend harmoniously. Penang’s main attraction, the famous and ever so lovely UNESCO World Heritage site of George Town, has a strong colonial influence and beautiful Chinese style houses that make for a truly lovely sight and is definitely worth the trip! Rhea, who is an ex-chef from London, guides you through one of her favourite things in life: tasting exciting new dishes..

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The Hungrier Guide to George Town, Penang

George Town is a famous and ever so lovely UNESCO World Heritage site on the island of Penang. For Rhea, George Town was above all a foodie paradise. Every time when she shares her favourites, the rest of the team will make sure they get some snacks at the same place. If you’re paying a visit to Penang and you like good food, you might want to have a look at this ultimate foodie guide through George Town..

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Bangkok – Local life and a colourful kitchen

Busy, chaotic, noisy, smelly, dingy, dark and full of weird. It’s not hard to find the faults in this city but when looking off the beaten path and tourists traps, you will find life; vibrant and colourful. Truth be told, there are nicer cities in the world, but Bangkok is used as a base for most SE Asia travel and …

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Peking duck. A must!

You will see these golden, crisp ducks hanging in restaurant windows all over China, but they are most often found in Beijing. Their aromatic smell lingers in the streets and most restaurants will have this delicious dish on their menu. Peking duck holds a long history and has been prepared since the imperial era. Its long preparation and the manner …

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