Gypsy vibes in the Netherlands – this campsite you wouldn’t want to miss when exploring Europe

You don't have to travel far to have a great holiday feeling. Prisca knows. She went camping not even an hour drive from her home and had a magical weekend in her own country. If you like camping you should definitely check out this photo series of this campsite in the Netherlands.

For years I’m a fan of self-constructed livings. Houses that are made out of shipping containers, tiny houses on wheels or small cabins in the woods, I’m in love with them all! Since I heard off a place in the Netherlands where they build this kind of houses I must take a look at myself. Offcourse my camera accompanied me. I took so many pictures that it would take a whole week to show you everything I loved about this magical place.

Outdoor freedom

Camping Buitenland is located in the north of our country. The landscape contains forests, meadows and cute little villages. In the middle of all this, you’ll found this gem, a camping where you can rent a place. The camping is separated in two different terrains, fields for tents, caravans and buses. There are toilets and clean showers. Each spot has access to electricity and there a lot of water points. You can even make a little fire right in front of your tent. If you’re walking around in the afternoon you will smell all these small fires. I loved it! It really gives you the adventurous outdoor feeling.

Spots for rent

The other half of the camping is for people who rent spots by the year. They hire a patch of ground and build their own houses. One house is built out of two shipping containers. It’s not finished yet so it was cool to see how the construction is set up. Others are built from wood and glass. These houses look like huge green houses and have an incredible view of the night sky and falling stars. Some of them are just living in a vintage caravan or a discarded beach house. Always wanted to camp in an old bus or tiny house? This is your chance! A few of these cool spots are for rent.

Music is what feelings sound like

In the middle of this huge wilderness, you can also find a cafe with organic food. Here you will also find a huge fireplace where the guest would hang around here to share some ginger beers, conversations and make or listen to music. There is also a podium made out of forest wood. In the weekend this is the place where singer-songwriters will sing for you beneath the stars. Can you imagine? The vibe is relaxed, children are half asleep and the air is filled with gentle talks and laughter. Oh and are you a hot tub lover? A few meters from the podium, between high pine trees, is the ‘big tub’. A vintage beetle car is transformed to a hot tub with steamy hot water. You can rent it for a couple of hours but on Saturday nights access is free!

Kids have the time of their life here! Every day there will be loads of fun organised like soccer games, baking pancakes above the fire and painting a wooden elephant.

Practical info

You can find the website of Camping Buitenland here.

The camping is open until the end of Sempember. Every year there is a huge party to close the season. This is held on the last weekend of September. However, some houses are still for rent in the winter. Camping while surrounded by snow? Yes, we want! Camping Buitenland, see you again!







  1. Geweldige foto’s! Ik heb Camping Buitenland al een paar keer voorbij zien komen en het lijkt mij super om daar een keer mijn vakantie of een weekendje weg door te brengen! Hoe leuk, hier moeten ze er meer van hebben 🙂

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