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You could be mistaken that Steffie is from England. However, this Dutchie is an English teacher at a high school and studied English on the University of Nijmegen. During her study, she lived and studied for a while in Dublin and Brighton. As soon as she had a chance she left to work as an au pair in Australia. Now she is back in the Netherlands but she is infected by the travelling bug and shares her (perfectly written and fun to read) travel stories.
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The not so capital city of Canberra

As a European, I am quite well acquainted with city trips to capitals. After all, we have a few dozen of them and none are all that far away in the great scheme of things. And these aren’t just any boring old cities either: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome and so on and so forth. No, these are cities with …

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Friendship vs travelling.

So, it seems that I have been living and working in Sydney for months now. Where did the time go? However Sydney isn’t my first rodeo. After secondary school I went to Dublin to spend a year at an EF school. This helped me casually use proverbs like “life’s not all beer and skittles” and got me speaking with the slightly …

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My first week as an Au Pair in Sydney

For the next months I will be working as an au pair (basically a live-in nanny… but that just sounds so much less glamorous)  in the massive city of Sydney! I arrived down a week ago and already feel like I have been here for at least a month. The 2 boys I am taking care of agree – not sure whether …

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