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Local night out in Grand Bassam

Lisa is travelling overland through West Africa. Other than decribing what not to miss she tells all about the day to day life that is happening to her while she is exploring not so well-known cultures and countries. In this story, she hits the town in Grand Bassam in Ivory Coast..

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Sacrificial chicken and gin for the rock genies

Here we are all lined up, men in front and women behind. The village chief is offering a sacrificial chicken and gin to the male rock spirit or ‘genie’ as it’s referred to in French, or ‘Diandia-Yassoa’ for the Baoulé tribe. Pouring gin onto the forest floor with one hand, in between sips, and holding the sacrificial chicken upside down in …

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Alaskan glacier adventures (and a fur bikini)

Glacier adventures definitely come to mind when thinking about a trip to Alaska but a fur bikini, not so much. Well at least not for me, though it did for one of my besties, Marianna whom I travelled there with. The entire time we were planning our trip to Alaska she kept mentioning we had to get some photos in …

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Bear (un)aware in Alaska

Bears were definitely a drawcard for one of my besties, Marianna and me, when we chose to visit Alaska. Having both spent most of our lives in Australia, and barely any in bear-regions, we were extremely excited about the possibility of encountering bears. We were also quite terrified, justifiably so given that there had been some recent bear attacks in …

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Vorukh, Tajik autonomous region in Kyrgyzstan

“Hi, guys!” I turned around to see two men pulling up to the curb in Vorukh in their motorbike with sidecar, one of whom spoke some basic English. “Where you from? Where you going? You need taxi? Russki?” I was quite surprised to hear English in such a small village as Vorukh, a Tajik autonomous region in Kyrgyzstan. I couldn’t resist …

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Goat carcass polo (Kok-Boru), World Nomad Games

Clouds of dust appear with the stamping of horses hooves. The horses excitedly help their rider manoeuvre and bend over to the ground to reach the goat carcass and haul it over themselves. The game is called Kok-Boru and is the Kyrgyz version of polo. The setting is incredible in front of stunning Lake Issyk-Kul in Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan. We are …

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