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Adventurous, enthusiastic and always looking for fun. That's Joost. One of his craziest expeditions was a kayak expedition all around Sumatra. During this expedition he and his mate were totally self-sufficient and they had to survive in a kayak for 5 months. Joost has his own video production company ‘’Wild Tree’’. It’s a full-service production company with its roots in nature, adventure and extreme sports. And besides that he also has this super cool foundation “the Inspired by Nature Foundation’ where he organizes al kinds of crazy expeditions all around the world for others. Joost is al about exploring the unknown. What the unknown is for him, you can see in his video's.
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Roadtrip door the U.S. of A!

Amerika heeft mij eigenlijk nooit echt getrokken. Dit vanwege alle vooroordelen die ik had gevormd over het land dat graag het beste van de wereld wil zijn, alleen maar fast food heeft en alles mega en super moet zijn. Maar na een Roadtrip van 4 maanden door USA heb ik dit beeld helemaal bijgesteld. Wat heb ik gedaan en wat …

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