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Hannah Sophia started a few years ago as a stylist for several fashion brands and continued with her own brand in bohemian and festival jewellery. After doing this with a lot of passion she decided one more time to start traveling; free as a bird. Her soulful stories are an open diary of her own spiritual journey around the world. View her profile and enjoy the photos from places you would like to be.

Spiritual Surfing ~ Bali

The white waves of the ocean used to take Hannahs breath away. “They sucked power out of every vein. I never imagined that surfing your waves could set me free. Bali, that beautiful island where my wanderlust started, where I found deep peace in your wild waters. Immersed in your white and cloudy storm, I was finally able to let go. How did you overcome your fears? That powerless feeling, triggering all your instincts?” Read about her surf adventure in Bali!

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