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I’m an American from South Carolina but was born on the other side of the world in Guam. You might say I came into this world with the love of distant lands in my blood. I feel as though I’ve lived a hundred lifetimes, including one as a sales and marketing professional in corporate America, one as a musician and one as a traveler and photographer. I even became a business owner and continue making bracelets that I sell to benefit orphans in South Korea. (See my website to see how you can help these amazing kiddos.) I just finished a 4 month solo road trip across the US from Charleston, SC to Los Angeles, CA and everything in between. Camping, hitting the open road and shooting photos was the norm in my life. Now, I’m preparing to continue my travels to Southeast Asia with a move to Thailand. I’m not sure what kind of adventures Asia will bring for me, how long I’ll be there or where I’ll go after but I couldn’t be more excited to find out. Learn more about me and follow my journey on my Instagram, Facebook or website!
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Dive Certifications and Whale Shark Spottings – Thailand

Chad spent a month traveling Thailand from Central to Northern to Southern and back. He spent that time exploring, learning the culture and taking photos. From bathing elephants to swimming with whale sharks even getting bit by a monkey, Chad has had some close encounters with the wildlife in Thailand. He shares his experience with becoming a diver and the sea life he encountered…

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