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Hannah was born in New York, raised in the Isle of Man and educated in London. There was no chance of here staying put and as soon as she was old enough to backpack she was off to see all there was to see. However, more quickly than she (or anyone she knew) ever imagined, she met Ongky, a Balinese stone carver who crazily became her husband just 3 months later. Bali is now home base and the place from which she mothers 2 gorgeous children, writes for various blogs and newspapers and plans future travels.
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How to Avoid Bali Belly Like a Pro

And this my friends is why you might want to be aware of the possibility of Bali belly. We’ve all had it at one time or another; my first experience with it was in my very first week as a volunteer in Bali. I’d traveled and I’d been sick before, but I’d never be hit so hard, so quickly as …

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Learning to Love Ubud Again – a guide through the health scene of Ubud by a local

Hannah has been living in and around Ubud for already ten years. Where it first was a bustling small town it grew out to a spiritual destination. Ubud is well-known for its healthy food scene and arguably the hottest yoga scene in whole Asia. For Hannah this was not something she immediately loved but over the years she started to fall again for the charms of Ubud. Let this story from a local, an expat and a yoga lover guide you through the health scene of vibrant Ubud..

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How tourism is about to destroy Benoa Bay, Bali

In 2011 Benoa Bay, which is just minutes from Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport was declared a conservation area. This area of mangroves, small fishing villages and sandy islets is one of the last remaining areas of undeveloped space in this tourist-packed area of Bali. However, just a couple of months before the end of his second term as President of …

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