Climbing Roy’s Peak – Wanaka

Alex made a road trip of five weeks through New Zealand. Although there was nothing she disliked from this country there was one hike that she will always remember. It was not only about the destination but it was definitely the way up that made it memorable..

New Zealand. What a beauty! We made a 5-week road trip through both the North and South island. Every time we thought we reached the most beautiful spot on the island, a different view made us change our just-made opinion. Doubtful Sound, the way to Milford Sound, Milford sound itself, the Queenstown area, the Heaphy track and the West Coast of the South-Island, Abel Tasman National park, the Tongariro Crossing and Cape Reinga. So many places that took my breath away. But there was this one little town, with one particular walk that will always be listed as my favourite day in New Zealand..

We decided to climb Roy’s Peak near the charming town of Wanaka. We left at 05:00am so we would be high up the mountain when the sun would rise. On our way up to Roy’s Peak we left the beaten track. Instead of following the path we took a left and made our way through the high grass.

As long as we know where we are heading we would be fine, right?

A few hours later we found ourselves on hands and feet climbing with all fours. Steep rocks and deep cliffs made my legs feel weak at times. We were walking over the ridge of the mountain until we reached grass that high that I couldn’t see my own feet anymore.
There we started the last steep hill before we would reach the top. However, it was on the top that we realised that we didn’t climb Roy’s Peak, but we climbed the mountain that Roy had overlooked.

The wind was so powerfull and the top was so narrow that again I felt fear. But the adrenaline and the view made it all worth it.
Enjoying it with only the three of us made it extra special.

That does mean that I officially didn’t do the famous Roy’s Peak track.
That track remains on my bucket list and that’s fine because then I need to return to Wanaka another time.


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