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In a bikini, In an Islamic country during Ramadan

Have you ever doubted to travel to an Islamic country, let alone during Ramadan? That’s what Aygin wonders after she travelled to the beautiful island of Langkawi in Malaysia. What did she notice? What did she love? And what surprised her? Find out more about travelling an Islamic country during Ramadan and tell us what you think!

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Spiritual Surfing ~ Bali

The white waves of the ocean used to take Hannahs breath away. “They sucked power out of every vein. I never imagined that surfing your waves could set me free. Bali, that beautiful island where my wanderlust started, where I found deep peace in your wild waters. Immersed in your white and cloudy storm, I was finally able to let go. How did you overcome your fears? That powerless feeling, triggering all your instincts?” Read about her surf adventure in Bali!

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For us, a big part of travelling is meeting people.

Locals who welcome and introduce you to their way of living, or fellow travellers with a story to tell – Meet the people that turned our worlds upside down

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The journey is not always about the destination, sometimes it’s simply about passion.

Freefall into the deep, dark blue, hang ten and ride the waves, dance on rooftop bars under star lit skies. Push yourself further than you ever thought you could and make it to the summit that seemed so out of reach, embrace a culture through its cuisine and let your passion be your travel guide. 

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Work abroad – Expand your horizons,
discover a new place and culture and make it your own.

Whether you want to go apple picking in Australia, teach English in China, work as an au pair in France, or become a digital nomad, work away and become a local yourself!

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Living abroad – What it’s like to study Chinese in Shanghai

Yasmin left her home in the Netherlands to study Chinese in Shanghai. She shares what it’s like to live and study in a Chinese city and tells you what you need to know if you want to do something simular yourself. Find out more..